Official Euroleague Final Four NFT Collection.

EuroLeague Basketball and EuroLeague Players’ Association celebrated the 2021 Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four with the launch of its first series of digital collectibles, powered by OARO NFT.

This first official collection is available on and consists of a series of current and historical moments from the vast archive of 21 years of Euroleague competition, as well as improved statistical information on the players who competed in the Final Four.

This marketplace operates with eco-NFTs, a more environmentally friendly alternative developed by OARO NFT. OARO generates for each transaction an electricity consumption similar to that of a house per minute, with a CO2 emission of approximately 0.2grs, the same weight as a feather. (much less than other platforms that operate on the public network and emit up to 42kg of CO2 per transaction).

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NFTs are digital objects of limited edition, certified by RFEF, this means that you can find similar digital content, but only these are the originals.

You will get a certificate/ ID blockchain (instant validation anywhere in the world) that will give you the ability to prove that you are the only owner of the digital object now and in the future.

How do you buy a token/NFT? There are two ways:

– Paying a fixed price, or
– Bidding in an auction.
The seller is the one who decides whether it has a fixed price or is put up for auction.

What can I do with my NFT?
1- Keep it for the sentimental value that it has to you.

2- If one day you decide that you don’t want it anymore, you can put it up for sale at the price you want, in this same marketplace.

3- You can auction it and stablish a starting price.

4- You can also take it to other NFTs marketplaces.